What’s in a Name– Part 1

Chapter 10

What’s in a Name?

Genesis 16


Did you ever notice how God leaves no detail out? He doesn’t seem to pick names as we do.  He doesn’t go with trendy names or even easy names, but the ones He picks carry weight as far as character and the nature of a person.


Abram and Sarai had their names changed.  As God progressively revealed His will to Abram, Abram’s identity changed.  He went from being a descendent of Urian royalty to being God’s chosen instrument for bringing about God’s people. He no longer looked back, but forward. Sarai, whose name means princess, had her name changed from Sarai to Sarah, because the princess she was looked back to the past and her identity in God now needed to look forward. 


God’s way of choosing names wasn’t lost on Sarah’s servant Hagar either.When Hagar fled Sarah’s service, God sent her back telling her that she was to have a son. He also told her she was to name him Ishmael, which means the God who sees.  This was to remind her that God had seen her dilemma and had compassion on her.


It’s funny how names often align with the nature of a person. Sometimes the name even mocks that nature. I have seen that in my own name which means child of God, full of grace, who laughs. I know that many times in my life, either some or none of those exemplify my character, but rather mock it.


How about you? What does your name mean? Do you live up to the character of that name?  Is your name your nature? Or does it mock you? Check it out…


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