A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life



I have been in full-time ministry over ten years. In that time, I have received many letters from people who are hurting. Those people come from a full spectrum of God’s people including different races, genders, nationalities and identities.  These people are parents, grandparents, children, siblings, other relatives and friends; sometimes even enemies.  They all have a take on God whether it be angry, happy, confused, curious, skeptical, or even indifferent. It has been an incredible journey into the lives of thousands of friends and I am always amazed at how God uses these relationships to stretch and grow my understanding of Him and His people.


It is from my perspective through the wisdom that God has given me that I write.  My purpose is to reflect on my journey as a Biblical Counselor and as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter and friend to many. I am not an expert in the law of language, nor am I the ultimate Bible scholar. I am a person, saved by the grace of God, who is sharing what God has given me. My material comes from my life and my decade and a half of correspondence, face to face and telephone relationships.


While each person’s situation is unique, I use the content, as problems are universal to God’s people in His world.  The nature of sin makes that so, not a person’s individual sins, but the noetic effect of sin in the world.


Some of the problems I discuss are everyday ones and some are quite disturbing. However, the purpose is to show God’s love and grace for all…not just the people we like to like.

Starting with this post, I have decided to change my venue. I will be writing from more of a personal style and less didactically. My intent is for you to see the Christ in me and for me to understand the Christ in you in a deeper way. The Bible studies that follow the weekly post will reflect the topic and allow you to go deeper into your walk with God. I will always explore ways to live Above and Beyond the Non-inspired, Ordinary Reality, Mode. My hope is that you will be challenged to live there. We need to go Above and Beyond what we can see, to what we can be for our Savior.


I would be happy to receive your relevant and productive comments. Please do not take the opportunity to vent personal biases. This is not the forum for that.  If you need to do that, e-mail me personally. If you would like more information on Biblical Counseling, Coaching or personal/group Discipleship please e-mail me as well, or visit my site at www.livingtruth.us/aboveandbeyond.html


I hope we can journey together for awhile, sharing experiences and blessings….keep me posted on what God is doing in your life….it’s the greatest adventure.


See Ya Next Time






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