A Biblical Counselor’s Prayer–Questions/ Study

Bible Study Questions: A Biblical Counselor’s Prayer

Colossians Chapter 1


In verses 1-5

  1. What confidence does Paul have in the Colossians?
  2. Why does he have that confidence?
  3. Where does that confidence come from?


In verses 6-8

  1. How does Paul relate the Colossians faith to the whole church?
  2. Who was their pastor?
  3. What does Paul think of him?
  4. In verses 9-12, this is a powerful prayer, memorize these verses.

8.   In verses 13-14, why should we pray this prayer?

  1. In verses 15-23, what is the importance of the Preeminence of Christ?
  2. How can that give hope to the Colossians and you?

See Ya Next Time


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