Generational Curses- Questions/Study

Bible Study

Generational Curses


Read the following passages:


Exodus 20:5; Numbers 14:8; and Deuteronomy 5:9


  1. What subject is God talking about?


  1. How does this show God’s loving kindness?


  1. Who are the people that God says He will visit the iniquity on?


  1. Who does God say He will bless?


  1. Do any innocent people get punished?


  1. Why or why not?



Read 1Cor 5:17-21

  1. What does this verse tell us about things of old?
  2. What does this say about generational curses?
  3. If  God adopts us, who is our new Father?
  4. Does God sin?
  5. How can there be a generational curse when your father is God?
  6. What ministry does God have for us?
  7.  Why is this important?
  8. Do generational curses do anything for that cause?


Read Colossians 2, and Galatians 3


  1. Discuss how Paul felt about people adding things to the gospel?
  2. Discuss generational curses and why  they are not biblical.
  3. Discuss the sufficiency of Christ and why that denies generational curses



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