Blaming the Sins of my Father: God’s Character and Generational Curses–Questions/ Study

Bible Study Questions


Exodus 20:5, Numbers 14:17-20; Dt. 5:9; 24:16;Jeremiah 32:17-20;


1.  Read through the passages and analyze God’s covenant promise to Israel.

2.  Are the passages consistent with the terms of the covenant?

3. Where are the verses that actually state that God punishes innocent people?

4. Do you see a generational curse? Or individual responsibility?


5. Read the Book of Jonah. What was Jonah’s view of God’s vengeance?

6. Was Jonah right to question God’s mercy?


7. Read Psalms 89 and Daniel 9


8. What kind of relationship did both Daniel and David have with God?


9. Did they think that God punished people unrighteously?

10.  Why or why not?


11. Read Ezekiel 18


12. Summarize God’s character and His view of generational curses.




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