Review on “Character Counts”– Edited by O.S. Guinness

Review on “Character Counts”—Edited by O.S. Guinness. 1999 Grand Rapids, Baker.


“Character Counts” contains short essays about four people who are admired for their character. However, that character was wrought through intense trials and strife during their lives. George Washington, William Wilberforce, Abraham Lincoln, and Alexander Solzhenitsyn seem like character icons, but as one reads these stories, it is clear that their lives were not much different than ours. What made them great was their driving desire to do what was right, and their unwaivering dedication to the Lord that they served.


This book is inspirational and affirming. I would recommend it to people who are discouraged in today’s culture and who would like to see real change. The men written at in these essays were not impressed with images and celebrity; they knew that in order to make real change—character counts.


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