The Spirit of Elijah–Questions



Read Hebrews 8

1. Describe the differences between the Old Covenant that God had with Israel and the New Covenant.

2. Why, do you think, that the prophets, priests and kings, are not necessary in the New Covenant?

3. What would the purpose of a prophet be, if the Holy Spirit lived in each believer?

4. Why is the new covenant ‘much more excellent’?

5. Read Jeremiah 31:31-34  and Malachi 1,2,3,4 How are these scriptures alike?

6. Why did God bring the new covenant?

7. In Chapter 3:1, who is the messenger that God is going to send?

8. In Chapter 3:6, what does God mean by “I the Lord do not change”.

9. What is God saying to His people about their covenant with Him?

10. Why, do you think, did God want a new covenant?

11. How did God speak to His people in the Old Covenant?

12. What would change in the New Covenant?

13. How would God speak to His people in the New Covenant?

14. Why then, are prophets, even Elijah, not necessary in these last days (Hebrews1:1-2)

15. Discuss some of the reasons why people would make up such a doctrine? Does it serve God or man?

16. Ask God for the wisdom to know His heart.


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