Just a Note About Sarah Palin

Just a Note on Sarah Palin


I am not usually interested in politics, to me it is a necessary evil. However, I am quite impressed with John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential Candidate and this is why:


She is the example of the NEW feminist. What I find very amusing, is all the old school feminists are saber rattling about what a bad mom she is. To them I say, GET OVER YOURSELF…in the 80’s this woman would have been seen as a hero that had overcome the establishment. I think that some feminists have retreated into what they saw as the “old school antiquated female mode.”


This woman has done more in her young life than a lot of us have, in a very spectacular way. She can relate to almost ALL women no matter what their lot in life. She has experience in working class, military, sports, disability, advocacy, and in being mother of a pregnant- teen. She has energy, family, she’s a working mom, oh my gosh, she has it all! So what are all these women complaining about? Sounds like jealousy to me. She is truly a woman who will “break the glass ceiling” under enormous pressure.


She’s got my vote….just because of what she has done, especially as a woman, and she has done more relevant stuff, in some respects, than the Presidential candidates….I’m impressed.


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