What it Means to Suffer– Questions



Verse  20

1. Have you ever been punished for something you did not do? How did that feel? What did you do in return?

Verse 21

2. What do you think of your suffering for Christ because of what he did for you? How do you feel about what he did for you? Are you ready to suffer because of Him?

3. What do you think of those who want God’s grace but also want to be saved from suffering? How committed are they? Are you?

Verses 22-24

4. When you are sinned against, do you respond like Jesus did? Why or why not? Does Jesus’ response mean that He is a coward? Why or Why not?

5. What does the word meek mean? How is it different than weak?

6. Jesus’ dying for you showed His love and strength. In what ways do you show your love and strength for Him and His people?

7. Pray, ask God to enlighten your heart. Go and do what He tells you.



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