Questions: Grace as the Basis for Gifts

Questions for Romans 12

Grace as the basis for Gifts



Questions-Grace as the Basis for Gifts


1. In Romans 12:1-2, 1 Cor. 1:10; 2 Cor. 10:1; Eph. 4:1 , What is Paul appealing to the church for? What kind of attitude should the people of God have?


2.  In this verse and the cross references below, what are some ways that we can “present our bodies as living sacrifices to God” for worship?

ch. 6:13, 16, 19; [Ps. 50:13, 14; 1 Cor. 6:20]; See 1 Pet. 2:5


3. In verse 2, what does Paul mean by “conformed to the pattern of this world”? Use the following cross references to clarify. 1 Pet. 1:14; [1 John 2:15]


4. What does it mean to not conform but rather be transformed?


5. In verses 3-8, faith is seen as assigned by God, discuss this, how does that impact the church?


6. Does your church use the gifting that God has given it appropriately? Why or Why not?


7. In what ways do you think God would see your church change in its use of gifting?


8. Do the people in your church use their gifting appropriately? How do you know?


9. In verses 9-21, what does true Christian love look like?


10. What does it look like in your church?


11. In verses 17-21, How is your church reaching out to the “other”?


12. What are some ways that your church can apply verses 17-21, to its ministry now?



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