Trusting God’s Faithfulness Questions


 Trusting God’s Faithfulness: Questions


Read James 1:12-15, 5:11; Mt 10:22; 1Pet3:14; Dan. 12:12; Rev 2:10;3:11; 1Cor. 9:25; 2 Tim. 4:8; 1Pet 5:4;


1. In all of these verses, there is a sense that we can and should persevere no matter what the trial is, and that we should strive to endure by trusting Christ and not what we see. In each of the verses, how or why does it say that we should persevere under trials?


2. How, in each of these verses does our endurance under trial show that we love Christ?


3. In verses 13-15, James describes the descent into sin that each of us is capable of, and in fact practice on almost a daily basis. How does the encouragement to remain steadfast under trial, thwart the descent into sin?


4. Examine a recent trial that your church just experienced. What were some of the reactions to that trial?


5. What was the difference between those who tried to persevere versus those who gave in to the desire to react in a sinful way?


6. Discuss how verses 14-15 shows that pattern of sin that comes from within then is tempted from without. Discuss a few examples of this.


 7.  Read verses 16-18. Why can’t we blame God for our sin?


8. What is God’s purpose for our trials?


9. Even if God is not the originator of our trials, how does He often redeem them?


10. How did God bring us forth? What is His purpose for us?




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