A Fiduciary Faith

A Fiduciary Faith: Watch your mouth and Wise up

James 3:1-18

James adds onto his wisdom about works by informing us about our worst enemy. The cartoon character Pogo tells us as well, the enemy is us.

Our mouths get us into so much trouble. We have a hard time holding back our opinions about others, what GOD says, and what we think is the universal religious truth. However, many times things that we think are absolute truth; are in reality, absolute ideology spun from someone’s agenda for power or prestige. If you have not taken a good course on Christian History, I suggest you do that. It will be a revelation for those of you who think you have the corner on say, what the end times really are. You might find that your opinions are more political than theological, and more motivated by culture than by the Creator.

James tells us to watch our tongues. That is good advice. I know, at least for me, I have to often bite my tongue before I speak. The temptation is always to spout off an answer before I think about the ramifications to others or even to God.

The idea of the Christian walk is that we are conduits of His Grace, not our wisdom. Our sin nature doesn’t like that idea, and it is constantly warring with our own intentions to make itself known. Our hearts, if we are honest, are always struggling to do what WE want, and to avoid doing what we know God wants.

This idea prompts James to tell us that we should think twice before we want to become teachers. We, that teach, are held to a higher standard of accountability, because we are putting ourselves out there as ones who ‘know’ something. I don’t know about the rest of the pastors out there, but I get pretty nervous when I have to tell someone what I think God wants, God knows or God is….we are representing Him. We should worry about how HE will take our language.

James reminds us of the treachery of our tongues and warns us of the potential disaster by allowing our tongues to wag.

Finally, James gives us a bit of wisdom on how our tongues and bodies should behave. There is a certain profile for the man or woman of God. In verses 13-16, he tells us that if we examine our behavior and see self at the fore, it is not God but the enemy who is leading us.

In verse 17-18, he contrasts that with the behavior that is characteristic of God; and therefore should be reflected in His servants. That behavior, when exhibited, shows the person of God and his followers who the real leader is…God.

You may reprint this article if you include the following;

Rev. Dr. Cheryl A. Durham, aka”Chaplydia”, Biblical Counselor, Speaker and Discipleship Coach. www.abovenbeyonddiscipleship.net

Questions: Read James 3

In Verses 1-7

  1. Discuss why it might be harmful to make a person a teacher too soon in their Christian life?
  2. Discuss the elements of the tongue and how those qualities can be overcome.
  3. Discuss how the elements of the tongue are common to man.
  4. Discuss how accountability and good teaching can reduce these negative aspects of the tongue.
  5. How can your tongue bless God?

In Verses 8-12

  1. How is the problem with the tongue a spiritual one?
  2. Can man save himself from his sin nature? His tongue?
  3. Read John 15 and discuss how man can be helped?

In verses 13-16

  1. Discuss the fruit of a sinful tongue
  2. What are some of the aspects
  3. Who is shown as LORD when this type of behavior is exhibited?

In Verses 17-18

12. Compare and contrast verses 13-16 with 17-18. Ask God for wisdom to be the better way.

You may reprint this article if you include the following;

Rev. Dr. Cheryl A. Durham, aka”Chaplydia”, Biblical Counselor, Speaker and Discipleship Coach. www.abovenbeyonddiscipleship.net


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