Resurrection Day Question : Are you Sure?

An Easter Question;

Today, I answered this question on Multiply (


Can a person be saved and lost again? Christian today, lost the next day, and be born again Christian the following day? What?


The answer is NO. A person cannot be saved (meaning having his sin problem dealt with by God) and the next day lose it. He cannot lose it, because the world was not created again, and Adam did not sin again, breaking the covenant with God, and God did not have to send Jesus again, to pay for the sin of the world forever. Similarly, if you would break a contract and not pay the money that was due on that contract. The party takes you to court and sues for the amount due. The judge finds you guilty, but rather than make you pay for the contract, HE pays it out of his own pocket. Your debt is now paid. You cannot now go to the person and try to keep paying it.

The debt we owe God for our breaking of the covenant in EDEN and for our continuation of that broken covenant was paid for by Jesus’ death on the cross. His resurrection says that even though we die now, as a final consequence of that broken covenant, we will yet LIVE, as He has paid the debt.

The consequences of the debt of Eden were permanent DEATH and separation from God. It is not our personal sin that decides whether we get to heaven or not. God did away with that. He said, once Christ paid for that contract, we only have to trust that HE did what He said, and we have to choose in our hearts to LOVE Him for that. When we choose the LOVE agenda, we are not following the same pattern of behavior motivation. When we choose relationship with God, we are saying NOT my will but THY will.

Will we sin? YES, however, if we are motivated by the LOVE agenda, we will quickly be aware that we have sinned against God (just like any other love relationship) we will then respond to God by confessing that wrong and being forgiven (1John 1:9). See we never earned our salvation by being good or lost it by being bad. We got it because of (John 3:16, 1Peter 3:18, Romans 5:8) God loves us and paid it for us…You can’t earn a gift, just like you couldn’t influence that judge to take back his payment for your contract. Once it’s done, it’s done. We get our salvation by acknowledging exactly that we cannot save ourselves. God did it once for all (1Peter 3:18).

We need to understand that once for all as it says in 1Peter 3:18 is exactly that ONCE for ALL. In our walk with Jesus we sometimes forget how really powerless we are. WE are only powerful because HE is powerful. Without Him we can do nothing (John 15:5). We are dead people walking in life only by His power (Gal. 2:20) and in our own strength we are hopeless (Gal 2:21)

Please remember that at you celebrate this Resurrection Day! Happy Easter!


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