Which Shepherd do you Hear?

Which Shepherd do you Hear?

John 10:1-21


God sees us as sheep…not a pretty picture! Sheep are stupid and need a lot of care. They wander off aimlessly; they fall and can’t get up. They are their own worst enemies. Sounds like us, doesn’t it? 

Jesus knows us. Jesus made us. He is the perfect shepherd for our sheepish nature. In John chapter 10, Jesus talks about how and why He is the Good Shepherd. He also talks about a false shepherd who apparently has tried to usurp the fold by thievery and falsehoods. Jesus is concerned about how the sheep might listen to the wrong voice. He also warns of the dangers of following a false shepherd.


Despite the dangers, Jesus says the true sheep are able to hear the voice of their true shepherd. He is the true and good shepherd. His sheep hear His voice. Makes you think, huh? Are you hearing the voice of the true shepherd or the false one? Jesus says these false shepherds came before Him and He intimates that these were actually religious leaders. I am sure that the Pharisees were thrilled at the comparison. I am sure it produced a nice case of denial in them, as well as a desire not to know who He was referring to.

However, Jesus begins to make it clear by saying that He, not they, were sent from the Father to die for His sheep; not just this herd but also the Gentile herd.  He loves them so much that He came here to do just that (John 3:16-18).  That’s not all! After Jesus dies for His sheep, He says, He will come back. He, unlike the other shepherds, will not desert His flock. He will be back to bring them into the eternal fold. This is necessary to make the Kingdom of God permanent on the Earth. This is something only the true shepherd can do.

So it is important for the sheep to only listen to the true shepherd. If God has called them, they will hear His voice. How fearful for those He has not called; however, for as hard as they listen, they will not hear. They will only hear the voice of the hireling shepherd who will abandon them when the going gets rough. Leaving them fallen with no way to get up. So, listen! Which shepherd do you hear?


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