Death in the Eyes of the Wannabe Powerful


Death in the Eyes of the Wannabe Powerful 

John 11:45-47


Some are influenced by truly powerful people. They learn to be good leaders and try to gain influence themselves. However, others are envious of the truly powerful because within themselves lies a driving desire to be powerful; not for the good of others, but for themselves. Some would call this a lack of self-esteem. The fact that this is a case of bloated self-esteem is obvious. The very definition of the word self-esteem defines the behavior of some when they saw Jesus raise Lazarus. They wanted to kill Jesus. Why is that? Because He was, in their eyes, usurping their role as leaders. He was drawing people away from their teaching. He was posing a threat to them politically. He was making them look bad; so He had to go.


In their eyes, there should be no one above them. There should be no one esteemed more than them. They’d see to that. His death to them was victory for their pride, not their lowliness of heart that is characteristic of a low self-esteem. They were power wannabes, not truly powerful. Their wannabe power was for themselves, not for others.


Self-preservation is an ugly thing. It is the black hole of emotional desire. Jesus says, when we want to save our lives, we lose them. When we want to lose it for others, we save it. Life in the Kingdom of God is like that. However, here on Earth, in the land of the wannabe powerful, the dynamic is different. The idea is to look out for number one, strive to remove your enemies any way you can, and what greater way to remove them than to kill them. The ends justify the means. That is what was happening to the Pharisees; they were living for this kingdom, not the Kingdom of God.

 When we live in the kingdom of the Earth, we lose our ability to see reality. We struggle and strive as Power Wannabes. We see the worldly system as the way to live, and we are influenced by the evil that prevails in the kingdom.

However, the Kingdom of God has a different economy of power. Some who heard Jesus followed Him into His Kingdom. Those of us who choose to live in Jesus’ Kingdom have a chance to be truly powerful.  So where do you live and who are you? A truly powerful person, or a power wannabe?

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