Fear of God


There is good reason to Fear God.  Prov 1:7 says fearing Him is the beginning of Wisdom. In Psalm 34:1-22, we see that a good and healthy fear of the Lord may bring God’s favor as the fear of the Lord engenders piety on our parts. However, this type of fear is not a horror of God but rather an awe or respect for God’s greatness. God will help us in our troubles if we have a fear of who He is and what He can do. We need to see God, not as our peer, but as the very thing our life depends on, because it does. God is the provider of all we are, have and do. Without Him, says Jesus in John 15:5, we can do nothing. If we live that reality, we will not be cavalier with God.


In our culture, we see fear as a negative thing and dependency on others as worse than bad. Our culture says we should all be fearless and autonomous as this makes us feel powerful. That may be a defense against other humans, but we have no such defense against God. As powerful as we think we might be, we have no strength against a Holy Omnipotent God.


Therefore, we should recognize and respect His Sovereignty and be glad that He is our Loving Creator. We were created in His image to love and serve Him, so respect and honor are due to Him. When we fear God, we are often put in a place where we are most fulfilled.


So fearing God? That’s a good thing!


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