Fear of Self

Fear of Self


Psalm 19:12-14; Psalm 25:4-18; Psalm 51:1-17; Psalm 103:12


There is good reason to fear ourselves. We have a propensity to be grandiose. We like to mess around with things we do not have the power to deal with, especially the perception of our own power. We like to be powerful and we like to sin. This struggle will always get us in trouble. We need to fear the possibilities in ourselves. We need to move away from temptation and not think we are above it. Although God has given us free will to choose and will enable us to choose rightly, we often underestimate our weakness and overestimate our strength. The fear of God can help us overcome the fear of self, but just like the fear of God, we need to have a healthy understanding of what we are dealing with.

An unhealthy fear of self would be to see ourselves as more powerful than God! That is sin! It is called idol worship; we are not more powerful than God. To think so is foolish. We are no match for God, we are His creatures! He is not ours!


When we know we are contingent creatures and not a godlike autonomous man, we have to look for something outside of ourselves to help us. This goes against our culture, it goes against the messages we hear everyday about what it means to be human. However, there is a still small voice inside us that lets us know that although it is uncomfortable to admit, it is also true. Getting in touch with the person we really are and getting in touch with the only other who can really help will help us to remove the fear of ourselves….slowly, deliberately, and eventually remove that fear permanently.


The way we do this is to approach God and ask for His help. We need to come to Him with open minds, hearts, and hands. Submitting to His scrutiny and his pruning will develop us into people who want to have clean hearts.

Asking God to walk with us each day, holding us accountable and teaching us His ways one day at a time will grow us. It will keep us on His path and not our own. Prayer for the remission of our sin and practice in walking with Him will slowly transform us.

He promises that as we do this, He will remove our sin as far as the east is from the west. As we stay connected to the vine, we cannot help but grow stronger and stronger.



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