Fear of Others

Fear of Others

Psalm 23; Psalm 27:1-3; Psalm 46:1-2



A lot of what manifests in us as fear of others is really just making those others our new God. Fearing others says that we have no control about what they might do to us, and that they can destroy us with their actions, but is that true?

What about God?


If we have resolved that God is our refuge and strength, then what is it that we fear about others? What can they take away that God cannot restore? What can they do to us that God cannot either intervene in or use for our benefit? I often tell my kids (none of them are kids anymore), and my clients, that God is not asleep nor did He go on vacation. He is always there ready to be involved in your life. The problem is that we remove ourselves. He is still there, we are not. We get our eyes on the situation and give it giant importance. We often fail to see the big picture and forget that God’s concern for His righteous servants is grounded in His character, not ours. Of course, frequently what we would have Him do for us is not the plan. Then we get fearful that He is doing something wrong because He is not following our plan. So the big other in front of us obscures the view, we forget that God’s plans are better, and we begin to fear.


I see God working with my children. He is teaching them this lesson one day at a time. In an economic situation that most people fear in, my God has kept my children safe. That is not to say, however, that if they turn their back on Him, and walk away preferring to do things their way instead of His, that He will just stay there and help them like some chump. NO! God is no fool! People’s lack of faith and service to Him has it consequences and their fears actually could be indicators of their lack of service to God. I don’t know, I just observe.


So if you fear, what is driving that fear? What do you think that other person can do that God cannot? What horrible thing can happen that God will allow? Is your fear driven by your lack of service to God? Do you fear retribution of some kind? There’s an answer for that! Prayer, repentance, and a heart yielded to Him. Ask for His forgiveness, if that is the case. 1John 1:9 says if you do that, He is quick to forgive and cleanse you. If your fear is because you are not aware of what God’s plan for you is, get to know Him. Are you a member of a body of believers like He asks you to be? Why not? Why do you think that is not important? It’s very important to Him? Why do you think the cares of this world are more important than what He thinks of you? Are your fears based on a solid relationship with Him? If not, you’ve got some work to do!





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