A New Year: A New Focus




A New Year: A New Focus


Often at the end of a year, we re-evaluate where we’ve been and what we want to accomplish. This is true of me most years. Sometimes that is about renewing broken relationships, or striving to be better at something that has fallen short of your expectations. It could also be a new direction that will lead to growth and understanding.

This year, I am moving away from a straight line Bible Study to a study of faith and practice that includes the Bible and other works that will expand knowledge of why we believe what we do. This should impact who we are in the world. It should impact our day to day relationships.

This type of study will encourage us to read the Bible passage and its subsequent links and cross references, as well as challenge us to think about the origins of that passage and its implications on our relationships toward others who may or may not be Christians.

Uncharacteristically, for evangelicals, these studies will NOT have as a goal the conversion of others to our way of thinking but rather for us to understand the “other” in their context and in relationship with them try to discern what God is ALREADY doing in their lives. Sometimes, evangelicals in their zeal to “save one for Jesus” miss what God is already doing. They often do more harm than good to another’s fledgling or even established faith. They also damage what could have been intimate and God honoring relationships. In their zeal for heaven, they are no earthly good. We need to appreciate not assimilate that person for what God has already put in them and not for how they serve our own agenda.

New Perspective! New Relationships! New Year! Happy New Year!


Here is a sample of the new idea:


Scripture: Leviticus 23 Think about what God tells us to focus on.

Tracey Rich has a great site that explains the Jewish New Year Celebration and meditation.


Discussion: How does your faith resemble this kind of faith? How can you relate to the Israel of God?



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