Fear of the World

Fear of the World (Creation)

Psalm 121:1-8


Our fear of the world says a lot about what we hold to be great and powerful…what does our fears in the world say about how powerful we think God is?


A lot of our fears about the world center on the purpose of our life in creation. We often buy into the secular worldview that nature, while being powerful, can destroy us because we are just part of that nature. We are animals that are affected by nature, just as other animals, and have been created by nature to have no apparent purpose, we just are.


The biblical worldview is different because we are not part of nature; God created us! He gives us our purpose, and in fact, has created nature for us. We are to have dominion over it, not it over us. While it certainly is a good thing to have respect for the power in nature, nature itself is not the be-all end of power. God is able to intervene, and it is He that has power over it.


As stewards of God’s creation, God has given us certain abilities, like reason, to be able to manage nature. We see this in the way we are able to harness electricity, fire, air, water and even the earth for our benefit. The key is to use that ability for the good of God’s creation, including people, and not for our own selfish benefit. However, to fear creation is to deny God’s power, and like the other fears we have seen before, it is idol worship.


God tells us to worship nothing but Him. This is why we go to church. We choose a body of believers that we can worship with, grow with, and serve with that holds us accountable to a Holy God.

Don’t think that because you choose a church that the people will be perfect and nice and life will be so easy. It is not the case that Christians are better than other humans, but they certainly should be trying to practice Kingdom living. Part of Kingdom living here is trial and error. My kids have seen that in our family life. Hopefully, they are not foolish enough to reject God because of His creatures’ behavior. My children’s obligation to God is not based on someone else’s faith or lack thereof.


Another thing that church can be is a family away from home. When you are sick, when you need prayer, when you just need to be near people you know, church can be that kind of community. As a single mom for five years, my church provided a social network that my family could not be because they were an hour away. Also, during crises and times of uncertainty, a church family can provide a stable base. So, fear of the world can be partially eliminated if you have that support from your church.


Fear of the events you see in front of you need to be reoriented into God’s perspective. He created time, people, and everything you can apprehend with your senses. He is in control of all outcomes. Your perspective on what “might” happen is pretty useless. We cannot predict who will win wars, what political candidate will devastate our country, or who will come into power. What we can know is that no matter what happens, we have a loving God who promises to use all things to the good of those who are called according to His purposes. So make sure, when you are anxious about what is happening in the world that your purposes align with His!



What are some of the disadvantages of fearing the World? What are some of the benefits? List these on paper. Which are yours? Read the verses and think about what the verses are telling you about your fears.


Activity 1

If you don’t belong to a church FIND ONE. Visit a few different denominations if you don’t have a particular faith. Write down what you liked and didn’t like about each church. Pray and ask God to lead you to the right one.


Activity 2

Think about what it means to be a steward of God’s creation. How does that change your view of what’s important in today’s events? Write down your thoughts.



Activity 3

Make a point to watch the news. Try to separate truth from rhetoric. Listen with an ear toward God, what would He be trying to tell you about the news. How can you see the news through God’s eyes and your call to have dominion over creation?



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