Security with God

Ps. 17:15; 140:13; 1John 3:2; Rev. 22:4;

Our security with God is based on God’s attributes not ours. He is the one who initiates relationship.

He is the one who swears allegiance to the covenant.

Our job is to know that as we obey Torah, out of love for God, our security grows.

We can know that our relationship with God is stable because we are doing our part to love Him,

and because He is aware of our imperfections He does most of the work in the relationship.

That doesn’t mean that we can excuse ourselves for bad behavior or for ignoring God.

We must do our part to uphold our end. We need to be aware of God in our everyday lives.

We need to acknowledge Him before all things. As we do that, we are able to feel the security in

our relationship with Him. We are able to call Him ‘our’ God.

Why? Because we are being faithful to Him…


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