Security with Others

Security with Others

Ps. 7:11; 62:8; 2Chr. 29:34; Job 8:3;


How secure can we be with others? We cannot control them; we cannot be them. What is the basis for our security with others? Again, it is based in our standing with God.


While others may hurt us, we are called to serve them. That can leave us pretty vulnerable. However, God gave us His promise that when we are doing what He calls us to do He will help us with the choices of others. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t get hurt; however, God can minimize the effects of that hurt on us. He can be there with us, help us to refocus our energy, or just center us with the idea that he modeled exactly what He wants us to do and He will vindicate us in the end.


Our goal is to be like Him. Yeshua modeled this while He was here. He did not respond to others the way that I am sure he may have wanted to. He responded in love to the other person. Sometimes that love was not a pleasant remark; however, He was always motivated by the good of the other, and not for Himself.


If we take that stand, knowing that even Yeshua acts that way, we can have security knowing that we are being what He wants us to be. We are being a light to others, in order that they may come into a covenant relationship with Him. Now that’s security!



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