Psalm 1:1-6


Ignorance is not a virtue. I recently had a run in with a person who saw himself as the very conduit of the wisdom of God. When asked about his background, he said he didn’t need education because anything that God wants him to know will be told to him by God directly.


I guess the man hadn’t heard the message. God works through human agency when it comes to education. He doesn’t drop it on us so that we can continue to be lazy and not pursue education.


 This poor man had himself locked in a do-loop of ignorance. He would not believe anything anyone would tell him because the person wasn’t God. However God, using human agency, couldn’t speak to him either because the man refused to acknowledge that God just MIGHT use a different method.


Poor guy…doomed to be stupid, caught in a self-made trap.


It reminds me of the joke where a man is caught on his rooftop in a raging flood and refuses a car, a boat and a plane for help because he is waiting for God to help. When the man eventually dies, he asks God why he wasn’t saved…God replied…OY VEY! I sent you a car, a boat and a plane…what did you expect?


Ignorance has a way of self-perpetuating. People that simply want to be autonomous and free of the encumbrance of the community that God has commanded us to learn in, just follow people who they like, or who will not challenge their thinking….so what color is your Kool Aid? Care to put it down and learn? You might just be able to see God’s help when you need it.

 See Ya Next Time!


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