Arrogance with the World

Arrogance with the World

Psalms 138:6; Prov 21:4; Prov. 27:2; Isaiah 57:15; Mt. 23:12; Php 2:1-11


How is your witness to the world? I don’t mean the stuff you say. I mean how you live. We all talk as if we are followers of Christ, and we imitate His humility but in reality the World sees us as quite arrogant. Why do you think that is true?


What does God want us to do in the World? Are we to jam our religion and belief  system down the throats of other people much like the embarrassing Westboro Baptist Church, if you can call that a church?


Or are we to follow the example that Paul the Apostle says we should follow in the world? Paul gives us a check list that we should be able to use to check our own arrogance in the World.


Does our behavior honor the community of God? We are not isolated beings. We are part of a community and what we do either honors, or shames, the community at large. I believe the Westboro Baptist Church brings dishonor on the body of Christ and makes Jesus sad. They do not have the compassion that Christ had and in fact they show the opposite of that compassion. (Php 2:1-2)


We are to not only be compassionate but also to consider the other guy more important than ourselves. Our need to be “right” must take a backseat to the image of God in the other, believer or not. We should put aside our own agenda and comfort those who are hurting. The recent lawsuit concerning the behavior of this church is a blatant example of what not to do as Christians.


So why should we act this way? Why shouldn’t we be militant people telling others that they are going to go to hell (as if we could decide that) or telling them they are condemned? The reason is that is not how Jesus acted. If we are to be imitators of Christ, we are to act like Him. Our agenda has to go.


Arrogance, pride, and proclaiming the destruction of another is exactly the opposite of the behavior that the Word commands. If we want God’s approval for ourselves, the last thing we should do is to vilify another. All people are made in God’s image. He, not we, is the righteous Judge. Only when we achieve the humility of Yeshua will we be called the children of God.


Meditation: Read the Scripture. Spend time with God listening and journaling what He says to you in these passages.


Activity 1

Read Philippians 2:5-8

Consider what this means in life. How can one act this way? Spend a few days watching your own behavior and be aware of what this would mean in your life.


Activity 2

Read Philippians 2: 1-2

How do your actions reflect on the Christian community? Are you autonomous or homogenous with that community? How does God look at your actions as they reflect on the Body?


Activity 3

Read the entire Philippians Passage and Matthew 23:12


For one week reflect on the passages, observe and journal your behavior. At the end of the week, ask God for the rewards that your behavior deserves. Then ask Him if He agrees with your assessment. If you fail, try for another week and then another until you have something to bring to the altar.


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