Hang on! We’re going on an Adventure!

Hang on!  We’re going on an Adventure!


I have known for quite some time that I am trouble! My life has never been normal, in the sense that I go with the flow and avoid conflict. More often than not I am misunderstood by most, and it is often a struggle for me to get the ideas in my head completely clear on paper.

Part of that would be my very mixed background, my addiction to reading, and my eclectic worldview. My brain goes faster than my mouth, and certainly my typing, as is evident to my editor. With all of that being said, it is time that I unleash what I have been working on for the last year.

This is not necessarily a new idea, as the roots of it go back to the mid 1950s and before. The problem lies with the implications of the ideas that often shake the world of those who have clung to information that frankly is not based on what they think it is based on. This will challenge your beliefs, but not your faith. It will strengthen the very reasons you believe.

The ideas we will tackle will range, because as I write this, I am reading about 30 books at a time and getting ready to write a 200 page dissertation on two Greek Words. Those two Greek words will open up a Pandora’s Box that will fill volumes; however, I am limited to 200 pages.  We will examine the language, history and customs of the Christian tradition as it relates to Jesus, the Apostles and specifically the Apostle Paul as his mission was to the Gentiles.

As I write, we will be looking at the Bible in a different way. Instead of me giving you the verses, we will be working in Biblical areas. We will look at the transmission of the New Testament Text, the relevance of the Hebrew Bible to the Apostolic Writings, and we will be looking at certain areas of Scripture, for example, the book of Romans in chapters not verses necessarily. We will then look at the referent Scripture where necessary.

I will be recommending books and authors that you may not have read. I encourage you to read them, and to participate in discussion.

Now the exciting part is that we will have classes. We will be having online and teleconference discussions to flesh out these ideas.  There will be some free ones, and there will be other ones for “members” of Living Truth’s Roundtable (more on that in another article). Additionally, we will be having live discussions in Second Life (more on that too in our Newsletter).

So here goes!  I need your input! Please e-mail me at forums@abovenbeyonddiscipleship.net

For weekly discussion schedules, membership in Living Truth Roundtables, how to sign up in Second Life and be part of our Live Group interaction.

This is exciting! I am looking forward to getting to know you on the phone, via email and in Second Life. 


For Next week, Read Acts 23:6 and Acts 24:14-5, sign up for the forums and the Roundtable…Get Ready, Get Set………..GO!




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