Begin at the Beginning

Begin at the Beginning


It is useless to jump into a topic without a background. When we try to understand a concept without knowing the origin the effort is futile. Our goal is to look at God’s plan from His eyes and not try to anachronistically impose our culture and worldview onto God. It may just be that God does not look at things the way the contemporary church does.


In Genesis 1-3, we see the preamble for all of life. In seeing how and why God created man and what His goals were for this relationship, we see how the rest of the Bible, and in fact life as we know it, falls into place. However, our attempts at looking at Genesis is not to find some stated instructions on how we are to live, but rather to understand the relationship that God has with His creation. We can also try to understand the dynamics of how God communicates, so we can better understand God as He has revealed Himself and not as we want to make Him out to be.


Genesis creates the basis for our knowledge of God, ourselves and our relationship to God.

It sets the boundaries of time by showing us that time is basically tri-phased; before, during and after. Genesis deals with before, we don’t know much about the after, and the rest of the Bible from Genesis 3 on, is basically the “during” part. We are still in “during”…pun intended.


The best way to do this is to understand the worldview of the people who wrote the text. Yes, I know that the understanding of “inspiration” seems to indicate that God dictated to the writers and that they wrote what God told them to write. However, that perception of the word “inspiration” is tainted by a worldview that sought to impose its meaning onto the text, and not from the text itself. Genesis also gives us a good starting point to understand the difference between the Greek and Hebrew worldviews. The differences in those views make enormous differences in the way we understand Scripture.


I would encourage you to sign up for an email course that, for 30 days, can help you grasp much of the differences in view. Here’s the link:


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Rev. Dr. Cheryl A. Durham
Above and Beyond Discipleship
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