Where Bad Theology Leads

 I was just sent a link to a video that frankly made me sick. There is a man in Nigeria who, because of his own power seeking, and gross ignorance of the knowledge of our Lord, is killing children, claiming that they are possessed by devils. Not only is he killing children but also he is teaching their parents how to torture them to get “confessions.” This is unspeakable evil; however, we MUST speak.

 Fortunately, a group is ministering to these children. They are Stepping Stones: Nigeria, run by Gary Foxcroft.  Mr. Foxcroft has gotten monies to feed and house these abused children, and is helping them heal from the abuse heaped upon them by ignorant Christians …YES Christians.

 So how does a “supposed” Christian end up torturing and abusing children? It hardly looks like Yeshua who said let the little children come unto me. In fact, what these people are doing is the work of the entity that they claim has possession of the kids. What, as a community can we do?

 Aside from what Mr. Foxcroft is doing, which you can find and support here: http://www.makeapact.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=26&Itemid=53

We need to understand that having a grounded theology is one of the most important things for a Christian. There are certain types of churches that discourage education because they think that it will corrupt the believer.

This type of thinking is the same thinking that causes this man to abuse children!!!!

This man has taken what he has learned and has foisted those twisted beliefs on innocent people. The community looks up to him, as they believe he is the “pastor.” They follow his advice because, in their world, demons and devils are part of their belief system. They have no idea that this ideology is the exact opposite of what God teaches in His word.

 Friends, if you are of the mindset that pastors do not need to be “taught” the word of God in an educational setting, you are deluding yourselves and others. God says that we are to study to show ourselves approved. Study doesn’t mean reading the Bible yourself and expecting God magically to tell you what it means. This is a cheap grace that short sheets those who would follow you. You as pastors and leaders OWE it to your congregations to give them the best hermeneutic that you can learn. If you think that the word I just used is some high and mighty institutional word that has no relevance to the ministry, again, you are self-deceived. If you do not understand what that means, it’s a RED FLAG that you need education before you can rightfully call yourself a leader.

Before you dismiss this article, if you are honest, you need to do a few things to check out what I am saying.

1.     Pray about God’s desire in your life. Is it His or yours that you are pushing?

2.     Ask yourself why God would want you to remain uneducated. If your answer is that He doesn’t want you polluted by the world, you have just emasculated God. Education does not thwart God. He uses it for His glory.

3.     Ask yourself how thinking that something is more powerful than God, like education, is similar to a person who thinks that children can be witches that need to be tortured and killed so that God can save them. What kind of a wimpy God is that?

4.     Being honest, ask yourself the real reason you have not pursued education. Is it finances? Is pride what causes you to think that you don’t need anything other than God whispering in your ear? Is it ignorance that you think God actually does the work for you? Is it laziness because if God does the work, you don’t have to? That is the magical God, not the God of the Bible. That same Magic promotes these crazy ideas. These are rhetorical questions. You and God, how are you educating yourself so that God can use you?

5.     If you are serious about following God, seek to know more, not less. Seek goodness and mercy with accountability. Don’t hide in the corner thinking God is giving you direct messages as if God needs you to be His mouthpiece.

The origin of these ideas is pride, plain and simple. To think that you are God’s instrument to enact judgment on this Earth is heresy. Some churches promote this heresy by promoting individual “interpretation” of the text, and avoidance of ideas that they don’t agree with. They are seriously self-deluded, and the majority of pastors who do seek education with accountability can see this for the fraud that it is. Learning about ideas that you don’t agree with is precisely what a pastor needs to be able to address the issues in the world. Reading only what you agree with is foolish and creates a Christian cult. What do you think God will do with that?

Bible Study:

Download the study from here:


Read through the material, compare and contrast the actions of this man who decides based on his own “secret knowledge” (Gnostic) that God says these kids are witches and have to be killed or tortured.

Question 1: Is this man a false prophet? Why or why not? What did Israel have to do to this man? Why? What are the implications for those people who decide for themselves what God says?

Question 2: (These questions will be handled in our weekly discussion groups) what kind of education did the people of Israel have? Were they ignorant? Were they cultic? How did God expect them to know who was a false prophet and who was not? How are we different? How are we the same?

Rev. Dr. Cheryl A. Durham
Above and Beyond Discipleship
A Ministry of Living Truth



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