Hey! What am I? Chopped Liver?

Hey! What am I? Chopped Liver?


I am increasingly bewildered as to how a group of people calling themselves the people of God can forget the tree they are grafted into. Instead, they act as if the tree is supported by them.


I hear sermon after sermon, commentary after commentary, talking about Christian this, Christian that, as if Jesus or even Paul came her specifically to start some new religion called Christianity. It is amazing, to me how little some people know of their own faith!

It’s as if, when the Temple was destroyed in 70 AD, Israel went along with it. Additionally, everything Jewish went too. Poof! Disappeared, and now the new name for Israel is Christian! One word: Balderdash!

If you are of the opinion that Jesus or Paul or any other Apostle was Christian, you are drinking the Kool Aid! There is no place in the New Testament where anything like that idea is promoted. So why is it that so many Christians don’t even know their own religion? Is it fear? Intellectual Laziness? Ideological stupidity? or what? I believe it is a conglomeration of all three.

We all like to believe that what we think is true, and for a certain amount of time, we can claim that. However, if evidence comes along that shows that what we have believing needs investigation, to not do so is idiotic. What if you have been told that salvation is one way, but at the end, you find out that you missed the whole thing because you didn’t want to find out truth? Many Christians are on this page, thinking it is OTHER people and not themselves whose beliefs are in question. I am not naming names or picking on specific groups…but if the shoe fits…

What if we read the bible in context and not ideologically. What if we read it the way it was intended to the understood. It is baffling to me how some people condemn the deconstruction of a text, all the while anachronistically superimposing terms and ideas back onto the text…what’s the difference, for example: CHRISTIAN. That institution did not exist at the time of the NT writing. The community was a Kehela, a community of Jewish and Gentile believers in NOT CHRIST, Messiah.


Which brings me to my headline. In Romans 11:17, Paul tells the Gentiles NOT to separate from the Olive Tree. Who is the Olive Tree? Israel. In his day, believers gathered in Synagogues, celebrated Shabbat on Friday night, celebrated all the feasts and all the holidays that G_d had ordained as moedin

or appointed times for His People to observe in honor of Him. Well, what are we doing? Are you celebrating Sukkot this week? How did you do for Rosh HaShanna? and Yom Kippur? How did you repent? What will you be doing for the 8 days after Sukkot? What ? You don’t know what that is?

Why not? What changed? Paul never told anyone to change, neither did Jesus, who celebrated them all, up to and including the meal of Messiah on Passover that we know as “communion”. Actually, what holiday was Jesus talking about when He said, do THIS in remembrance of me? How about Shavuot? What significance did that have to Israel about Messiah? What do WE call Shavuot, and by the way WHY do we call it that?


The community that Paul told us that we were becoming citizens of is ISRAEL. We are to become part of them, not them of us. And while we do not acquire Jewish Genes when we come into the community via Christ, we do become citizens of Israel. In the U.S., what do we expect of our new citizens? Some people are angry because immigrants want to change the official language…how about us? As citizens of Israel, do any of us speak the Language? Hebrew? (not Greek). Some people in the United States get angry when immigrants don’t celebrate the 4th of July. Well, then what holy days are we not celebrating? Get the picture? If we, as Paul says, are citizens of Israel…what do we make Israel out to be? Chopped Liver?


Think about it as you read, Romans 11….







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2 responses to “Hey! What am I? Chopped Liver?

  1. Well, as I’m no expert by any means.

    Why is it important to do all this celebrating? Isn’t it like worshiping idols?

    Help educate me please.


    • Hey! Great question…why IS it that we are to do THIS celebrating and not some other stuff. Well, in Romans 11, Paul tells us that we are now citizens of Israel. That hasn’t changed through time. So, as citizens, we need to operate within the laws of the country we are citizens of. If you read Leviticus 23, you will see, that the things mentioned in the article are appointed times that God ordained. Is it just for Jews? Apparently not, as the people within Israel at the time were both Jew and Gentile and God made no distinctions, as you will see in the chapter. Additionally, God appointed them as times to serve Him, and to think about Him, and to celebrate Him, and says God, they are to be perpetual throughout the generations….so I guess we have to choose…was God right? or do we know better?

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